About Me - Nicole Bailey

About Me

I have been involved in dogs one way or another my entire life. I got my first Doberman, Mojo, in 2002 and have had my universe revolve around dog sports and dog people since then. I am currently competing in agility, conformation and barn hunt with my 3 dogs, Jinn, Loki Bacon Bit and Nyxx, as well as dock diving, and the occasional lure coursing. And of course they are wonderful and patient models when I get an idea. 

I have always been interested in photography, and have finally gotten back into that passion as well. It seems only natural to combine my two favorite things. I love to get down on their level and try and see things in a different way. I hope I can share some of the enjoyment I get from bringing my particular twist to how I view dogs and their world with you.

I also create custom collages and print ads from my own photos or photos that you supply. They have been published in multiple breed magazines and also framed and hung in client's homes.

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